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The true reason Paraplan company exists is OUR DEAR CUSTOMERS.
We aim to please those who decided to find a new way to enjoy smoking and rejected old habits preferring vapor smoking to real smoking. You made your choice and our existence dedicated to YOU.
In addition, we try to support those who decided to run their own business selling electronic vaporizers. We tend to lead full-fledged life always looking into bright future where smoking causes no harm to people around you and YOU can vape all you want.
Founded in 2015, we took into consideration the latest studies, medical recommendations and all modern vape smoker needs in everyday life. The basis of our mission is to provide vape smokers with products balanced by any means:

  • qualitative structure;
  • convenient prices;
  • all the joy and pleasure vape smoking tends to provide.

We assured in top quality of our products, which manufactured in accordance with TS 2422-001-163039712-14. Our certificate number is ROSS RU.AB51.H04589.
There is no doubt that we are still young enough. Nevertheless, it is our major strength for we are full of will and desire needed to provide vape smokers with pleasant sensations and uplifting spirit due to the top quality of our products.
All you need is to check this out and be convinced we do our best in these matters.

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List of tastes


1. Tobacco Mild Fruit - mild tobacco flavor with a slight taste of fruit.

2. Tobacco Pleasant Fruit - fruity medium soft tobacco.

3. French Pipe - tobacco with bitterness and a shade of fruit.

4. Tobacco with Menthol - classic Salem, full-bodied tobacco with rich menthol flavor.

5. Classic Tobacco - soft fragrant classics.


1. Cappuccino - mild coffee flavor.

2. Mocha - distinct rich coffee flavor.

3. Caramel Banana - sweet candy banana flavor.

4. Chocolate Banana - banana with chocolate flavor.

5. Cupcake - sweet cupcake, sponge cake.

Fruit mixes:

1. Assorted Fruit - moderately sweet fruit mixture.

2. Mojito - fresh herbal mint-lemon flavor without too much cloying.

3. Wild Berry-Mint - pronounced taste of forest berries with harmonious mint addition.

4. Tropic Fruit - fruity flavor with a little sourness.

5. Pineapple-Mango - sweet pineapple flavor with mango scent.

6. Blackberry-Black current - strongly expressed flavors of both berries, sweetness of blackberries and strong flavor of black currant.