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The recommended retail price

15 ml dropper bottles - 120-150 rub.
30 ml bottles - 200-250 rub.


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Variety of our products


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PARAPLAN is a well-known company as a top liquid’ wholesale supplier for electronic vaporizers. We deal with retail stores, chain stores and wholesale companies worldwide.
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    20 kinds of electronic vaporizers’ liquids with a great variety of tastes

  • Our products to be delivered in 15 ml and 30 ml bottles

  • Each product to be delivered in a unique package with a step-by-step manual.

Let’s think of economy issues and count the amount of saved money guaranteed by using our products instead of smoking usual cigarettes

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List of tastes


1. Tobacco Mild Fruit - mild tobacco flavor with a slight taste of fruit.

2. Tobacco Pleasant Fruit - fruity medium soft tobacco.

3. French Pipe - tobacco with bitterness and a shade of fruit.

4. Tobacco with Menthol - classic Salem, full-bodied tobacco with rich menthol flavor.

5. Classic Tobacco - soft fragrant classics.


1. Cappuccino - mild coffee flavor.

2. Mocha - distinct rich coffee flavor.

3. Caramel Banana - sweet candy banana flavor.

4. Chocolate Banana - banana with chocolate flavor.

5. Cupcake - sweet cupcake, sponge cake.

Fruit mixes:

1. Assorted Fruit - moderately sweet fruit mixture.

2. Mojito - fresh herbal mint-lemon flavor without too much cloying.

3. Wild Berry-Mint - pronounced taste of forest berries with harmonious mint addition.

4. Tropic Fruit - fruity flavor with a little sourness.

5. Pineapple-Mango - sweet pineapple flavor with mango scent.

6. Blackberry-Black current - strongly expressed flavors of both berries, sweetness of blackberries and strong flavor of black currant.